Mission & Vision
"A wrong doctrine will lead to a wrong lifestyle, and a wrong lifestyle will lead to a wrong doctrine".

Our mission...

Is to connect, equip and facilitate ministries of integrity for the purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the earth. Eagle Rock Covenant Network endeavors to provide an atmosphere for ministers and leaders to develop covenantal relationships with other strategic visionaries, as well as receive continual activation, equipping and impartation. Covenant relationship, leadership development, Christ-centered ministry
and generational transfer

Corporately with a variety of international and national mission’s teams we will accomplish church planting while apostolically establishing local churches. Together with Pastors and point leaders we will raise up emerging ascension gifts, activating them to strengthen all areas of local church ministry.

Our vision...

Gift activation, church planting, city and regional transformation and gospel proclamation

Eagle Rock Covenant Network is a covenantal alliance of ministers and leaders connected for the purpose of accomplishing kingdom exploits. As cutting edge ministries network together, a synergy is produced that activates a powerful breakthrough anointing. When this anointing is released, it causes individuals to fulfill God’s purpose in this strategic hour. Ministers and leaders are equipped to affect the spiritual climate of regions and to bring transformation to territories. In addition to establishing churches, training centers and mercy ministries, we impact every area of society. These areas include government, arts, education, business, medical and professional fields.

Eagle Rock Covenant Network is to cover the earth with the glory of God through evangelizing, spiritual warfare and prophetic and pragmatic efforts to take dominion of all powers and principalities until Jesus Christ comes!