About Acceleration Conference

The Acceleration Conference is designed to ignite and to feed the momentum of your God given call and assignment. We are expecting God to accelerate you into your next level during this conference! This will be a time of empowerment for all believers.

This annual international conference is free to all. If you are a pastor, a leader or desire to be in a leadership position, this conference is for you. Join us for the next Acceleration International Conference 2020 happening on July 9th - July 12th.

Our guest speakers are from different regions in the United States! These men of God are anointed with fresh manna and a timely word. This is our line up. From Oklahoma City, we have Bishop Tony Miller. From Portland, we have Pastor Isaac Kangara. From Sacramento, we have Pastor Sergey Golovey. From Columbus, Minister David Mahan and don't forget, our presiding Apostle Les Bowling will delivering the Word too!

Contact Info

ERCN Internship
6810 Blacklick Eastern Rd
Columbus, OH 43147
(614) 833 - 0515